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Training To Help Develop Stronger Families - Nurturing Parenting Program

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

The Nurturing Parenting Program is an evidence-based program recognized by the National Registry of Evidence-based Parenting Programs and Practices

The Nurturing Parenting Program serves the community and court-ordered families utilizing the Nurturing Parenting Curriculum in a group setting. In the twelve-week course, families learn strategies to develop and change parenting personality traits and how they relate to parenting. Also, families learn how to navigate through stress management, healthy parent and child communication tools, conflict resolution, developmental stages, and discipline and behavior modification.

The skill-focused and competency-based course is designed to correspond to the developmental age level of children: pre-natal; birth to five years; school-age (5 to 12 years); and adolescence (13 to 19 years) and their adult or teen parents. The parent’s progress is measured by the AAPI (Adult-Adolescent Parenting Inventory) Pre- and Post-Test. A parent with children under the age of 5 years old also participates in a pre- and post-behavioral observation.

Could you or someone you know benefit from the skills learned in The Nurturing Parenting Program? There is help available to build a stronger family. CFCE understands things get hard and families need additional support. We are here to support you! To learn more about this program and several other CFCE family resources, go to or contact Lathosha Alexander at

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