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A Startling Connection Between Dental Hygiene and Your Overall Health

Oral Health is considered an essential part of our well-being. The mouth is a harbor to many bacteria. From there, bacteria can travel through the bloodstream to various organs and cause disease.

More than 700 species have been found to live in the mouth. Beneficial and non-beneficial species live in a commensal relationship in which they benefit from each other. Bacteria are supposed to live in a balanced environment in the absence of disease. Your mouth health is critical to keep this balance.

In the presence of oral health, bacteria are not able to cause any disease. Beneficial and non-beneficial bacteria live in harmony with the surrounding environment, but in the absence of it, when the balance between them is broken, then the non-beneficial bacteria overpower the beneficial ones and they cause disease in the teeth and the supporting bone.

Having non-ideal oral hygiene will lead to the build-up of plaque, calcium, and inflammation, which are able to trigger an immune response and eventually cause cavities and periodontal disease. Both are chronic and irreversible conditions.

This is why practicing good Oral Hygiene is so important for adults and children as well.

It is important to educate our families on the importance of keeping healthy teeth and gums eventually will turn into a healthy body and mind and will help to prevent cChronic and irreversible conditions.

Multiple associations have been found between Periodontal Disease and systemic conditions. Despite the causal effect has not been proven yet, strong evidence suggests that Periodontal Disease is a crucial risk factor for conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular immune-mediated diseases.

Many studies have shown a strong relationship between oral diseases and systemic conditions, including:

  • Diabetes

  • Hypertension

  • Pregnancy

  • Dementia

Caries and periodontal disease are responsible for teeth loss. Practicing good Oral Hygiene will help to keep your mouth healthy, out of disease, and your overall health.

Start today:

  • Brush and floss daily

  • Replace your toothbrush every 3 months

  • Visit your dentist regularly( twice a year)

  • It is critical to maintain this homeostatic ecosystem in the mouth.

The Pediatrics & Family Health & Wellness Center provides dental services from a caring professional team. Contact the dental office for an appointment today at 305.474.1800.

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