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Join Us Tomorrow for Revitalize Man - Men's Symposium

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Although mental illnesses are more prevalent in women than in men, men suffering from mental illnesses are less likely to receive mental health treatment or diagnosis. There are many reasons for this and one of them is the pressure men face to "man up" or "tough it out." The stigma of men speaking out is that it is seen as a form of weakness or not "manly."

It's time to stop the stigma. No one should suffer in silence.

Revitalize Man is our Men’s Symposium discussing mental health in men. Join us to learn more about the symptoms, unhealthy coping behaviors that mask illnesses like depression and anxiety, resources, treatment options and more. Register for this event at and tune in on Facebook Live at 2pm on June 16th.

Revitalize Man Men's Symposium is a part of the Pediatric & Family Health and Wellness Center's Men’s Health Week events from June 15th – 17th. Register for all events at .

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